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Education for Sustainable Development

Good quality education in the childhoodplays vital role in realising sustainable development by helping the individual connect the ecological, economic al and social dimensions of development. Through theSustainable Learning Centres, ISD work with rural children,laying a solid base to turn them in to socially responsible, economically productive and environmentally conscious human capital for sustainable development .

The SLC fill the gap between the conventional education system in this State and the one that is required to develop sustainable human capital.

The SLC is an entry point as well as aneffective channel forISD to mobilise participation of the larger community for their overall development.

TheSustainable Learning Centre
•   children in the 11 to 13 years of age are at the focal point

•   location and Centre-in-charge identified by the community

•   functions on all week days in the evening 5 to 8, monitored by the community

•   attended by 25 children average, cared by one teacher with minimum 12th standard education, and trained by ISD

•   basic 3Rs, skills in listening and learning, handwriting, concentration buildingare focussed

•   individual child specific talents identified and promoted

•   life skills, and ethical values are imbibed

•   value fornature and time are inculcated

+ regular parents meeting once a month

+ periodical programmes for health, hygiene and nutrition

+ understanding the natural, human and institutional resources in their own village through transect walk and other interactive sessions with elders/ key persons of the village

+ Nutrition Education with focus on locally available food materials

+ Children’s WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Club activities

+ Diagnostic camp for blood haemoglobin level and worm infestation once a year

++ Annual sports, games and cultural events

++ Annual picnic

* Materials provided include evening snacks, note books, pen/pencils, de-worming tablets, games materials, and other teaching aids Outcome experienced:

•   improved learning ability of the children

    ▸  better academic performance

    ▸  demand for better quality of teaching

•   improved hygiene and sanitary practices

•   increased awareness among the children, their families and the community on personal health and hygiene, sanitation, household water handling practices, on local natural resources, plantation and protection of trees, locally available nutrition materials, local public utilities and facilities, and their role in the village development

    ▸  demand for individual household toilets

    ▸  tree plantation by each child on his/her birthday

    ▸  higher consumption of locally grown food materials –grains and pulses

    ▸  reduction and re-use of plastics materials

•   better environment with more trees and clean surroundings,increased social consciousness and participation in the village developmentare underway The three Centres at present has generated demand for more SLCs from different villages.

In order to meet the demand from the community in different villages for more SLCs, ISD is seeking sponsors. The expenditure is Rs 1,20,000/- for one centre for a year at current price. Contributions of any amount are welcome. Account details are:

Institute of Sustainable Development, Vijaya Bank SB Ac No 301801011000288, IFSC Code VIJB0003018

Donors from outside India may kindly contact ISD before transferring any amount

Donations to ISD get an exemption for income tax under 80G in India.


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